Chris Bobko

Name: Chris Bobko
Born: March 29th


Places I've lived: New Carrollton, MD; Blacksburg, VA; Lexington, KY,
Skillman, NJ; Gettysburg, PA; Princeton, NJ; Cambridge, MA

First show at WMBR: Strikes and Gutters, 2-4 am, 10/3/03

WMBR volunteering work: Station Manager, ex-General Manager, ex-Assistant Record Librarian, various odd jobs

Highly incomplete list of favorite albums of all time:

Dismemberment Plan “Emergency & I”
Fugazi “End Hits”
Neutral Milk Hotel “In The Aeroplane Over the Sea”
Crooked Fingers “Crooked Fingers”
Les Savy Fav “Go Forth”
Gustav Mahler “Symphony #5” NY Philharmonic
Slint “Spiderland”
Deerhoof “Reveille”
Husker Du “Zen Arcade”
Nirvana “Nevermind”
J.J. Johnson “Jai & Kai”
My Bloody Valentine “Loveless”
Pixies “Trompe Le Monde”
Wrens “Secaucus”

Really highly incomplete list of favorite live shows:

Dismemberment Plan – 4/26/00 – 4040 in Philadelphia, PA
Fugazi – 8/7/00 – Fort Reno, Washington, D.C.
Sigur Ros – 5/8/01 – Irving Plaza, NYC
Sleater-Kinney – 6/22/05 – Avalon, Boston, MA
Pixies – “secret show” for DVD filming – 8/8/05 – Paradise, Boston, MA